Introducing the POLYCO plastic company

POLYCO Plastic Co., Ltd is a company specializing in the production of plastic, plastic injection plastic products as required.

POLYCO Plastic Company is headquartered at: 77A Street 8, Binh Hung Hoa Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

POLYCO’s plastic products

POLYCO Plastic is a company specializing in plastic production and processing, plastic blow molding, plastic mold making according to requirements.

Plastic products that our company specializes in manufacturing and distributing such as:

  • Production and distribution of PET plastic bottles, PP plastic bottles, HDPE plastic bottles…
  • Manufacture and distribute plastic bottles for mineral water, drinking water bottles, thermostats…
  • Producing and distributing plastic jars, plastic jars for food, spices, and confectionery.
  • Production and distribution of plastic containers for food, food and drinks.
  • Producing and distributing plastic cups, disposable plastic cups, high quality plastic cups.

POLYCO glass products

  • Distribute all kinds of glass jars, high-class glass jars, wine soaking jars, wine soaking jars.
  • Provide high-class glass jars, serum bottles, essential oil glass jars, perfume jars, cosmetics jars…
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