What is PET plastic, is PETE safe, what is a pet bottle

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What is PET plastic ?

PET plastic also has other names as PETE, PETP, in full language it is called PolyEthylene Terephthalate. Is a virgin plastic line, separated from crude oil.

The primary PET resin is opaque white, translucent white, almost like the color of rice grain. This is the most popular plastic line, widely used to make bottles for drinking water, food.

In the current era, due to the increasing demand for PET plastic, there are also many recycled and recycled PET plastic products from used PET plastic bottles.

Nhựa PET là gì, tính chất của nhựa PET
What is PET plastic, the properties of PET plastic

What are PET bottles and PET bottles ?

PET plastic bottle is a very popular product today, used a lot for drinking water. Includes soft drinks, bottled mineral water, disposable plastic bottles.

PET plastic jars are often used for storing dried foods, making jars of cashew nuts, dried bananas, frozen foods…

PET plastic bottles, PET plastic jars are products manufactured from virgin PET or recycled plastic. High quality products, no toxic substances, safe for users.

Properties of PET plastic ?

PET plastic products have properties of heat resistance, high impact resistance, toughness and good tear resistance. PET resin has a melting point of about 250°C, usually above 200°C.

It is permeable air and free from O2 and CO2. Very resistant to chemical reactions, when the temperature is too high and the temperature is too low, the PET resin retains its gas resistance properties.

However, PET bottles are deformed at high temperatures. Avoid pouring boiling water directly, keep away from fire, do not expose to sunlight.

But the surface of PET is irregular and has many holes. Therefore, it is easy to get dirty, and very difficult to clean, so the regeneration rate of PET is not as much as other plastics.

Is PET plastic toxic ?

Basically, PET plastic has no harmful substances and is safe for users. But when manufacturing, it is possible that the plastic manufacturer will add additives.

If there are harmful substances, it will be in additives and chemicals that make PET plastic products more durable. But in this day and age, almost all PET plastic products are of safe quality so you can be completely assured of PET plastic products.

PET plastic products should only be used once, because if used many times, they can react chemically, dissolve the molecules that make up the plastic product, causing harm to humans.

Application of PETE plastic

Nowadays, PETE plastic is widely used in life, used every day. These products are often used once, rarely reused.

Some products are made from PET plastic such as:

Plastic straw: This is a disposable PET product that cannot be recycled.

Plastic jars: Use for drinking water, mineral water, soft drinks, carbonated water, fruit juice, making milk tea …

Food containers: Used as plastic trays, frozen food trays, dry food …

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